How to Secure Wheel Covers to the Rim

by John Johnston

Wheel covers can also be referred to as hubcaps. These discs fit over the center of a vehicle's tire and can be made out of different materials such as plastic and metal. The covers are used both to give added protection to the wheel and to help improve the look of the car. Wheel covers can often become worn and damaged through use. When this occurs you should look to replace them. Changing the wheel covers is a simple process and should only take a few minutes.

Align the steel retention ring, which comes in the wheel cover pack, with the new wheel cover you wish to put on. Line up the cover's valve stem hole with the bend located on the steel ring. The ring enables the cover to securely fasten to the rim.

Attach the steel ring to the wheel cover. Use the clips on the cover to attach the ring securely. Use a flat-head screwdriver to securely fit the clips on. Consult the wheel cover instructions for further information.

Line the wheel cover up with the wheel. Push the cover onto the wheel, making sure that it clips securely in place. Pull gently on the cover to make sure it does not come away from the wheel.

If the cover is still slightly loose, attach some electricians tape to the contact points of the clips to secure the cover firmly to the wheel.

Repeat the process on all four tires, ensuring that the covers are properly secured on each wheel before putting the vehicle in motion.


  • check Consult your vehicle's manual to ensure you purchase the correct wheel cover to fit the size of your tires.


  • close When securing the wheel cover be careful to avoid getting your fingers pinched between the cover and the wheel.

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