Seat Belt Problem: How Can I Untwist My Seatbelt?

by Hans Fredrick
Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

A twisted seatbelt is far from the worst problem that can happen in your car. However, this doesn't mean it should be ignored. If a seatbelt is twisted, it isn't able to function the way it is designed to. A twisted seatbelt also may be quite uncomfortable for the person wearing it. Twisted seatbelts jam the belt in the retractor and make it difficult to put on the belt on. Untwist a seatbelt to make it functional and safe for the wearer.

Step 1

Feed the belt through the guide loop at the top of the shoulder harness until the twist is near the loop. When you try to untwist a seatbelt, it will jam in the guide, so you need to flip it over forcefully.

Step 2

Grab the seatbelt below the guide and twist it in the opposite direction of the problematic twist. The belt will fold up in the guide. Force the belt through the guide by pulling it through. Guide it from above and below so that as you pull it through, the twist unfolds. Sometimes this requires you squeeze the fold very tightly with your fingers to make the folded belt slide through the guide so it can untwist.

Pull the seatbelt out farther and look for any more twists. Pull it out as far as you can, stopping to untwist any kinks you find along the way. Allow the seatbelt to retract fully.


  • Try to pull your seatbelt on straight and let it slowly retract in order to prevent twists from appearing in the webbing.


  • Straighten out a twist in your seatbelt when you notice it. A twisted seatbelt is not as safe as a properly worn and straightened belt, and can be dangerous. The twist puts too much pressure on a smaller area of your body, which causes damage localized to that area in the event of a collision.

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