How to Reset the Codes for an Acura TL After a Dead Battery

by Patrick Warren
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Car companies work to prevent vehicle break-ins by including anti-theft features in high-theft items such as the stereo and navigation systems. One of these features is where the device deactivates itself when removed from a power source and only reactivates when a reset code is entered. This happens when the device is removed from the vehicle or when the battery dies or is disconnected. Acura protects its premium sound and navigation systems with this feature in the TL. Resetting the codes for these systems is fairly easy after you've recharged or replaced the battery.

Step 1

Find the reset code cards supplied in the TL's original paperwork to get the five-digit radio reset code and the four-digit navigation system reset code (if the vehicle has a navigation system). If the cards are not available and the reset codes are unknown, contact an Acura dealer or go to the Acura code retrieval site (see References). Provide the TL's VIN number and proof of ownership to receive the reset codes for your vehicle.

Step 2

Turn the key to the "On" position without starting the TL to power the stereo and navigation systems. "Code" will be displayed for a deactivated stereo or navigation system.

Step 3

Enter the stereo reset code using the numbers on the channel preset buttons. The reset code consists of the numbers 1 through 6, which correspond with the channel preset buttons 1 through 6. The stereo will reactivate when the fifth digit is entered if the reset code is correct.

Step 4

Complete entering five digits if an error is made in the code entry to complete the attempt. After you have completed the attempt, enter the correct security code and the stereo will begin working. After 10 failed attempts, the stereo locks itself for one hour, and additional attempts will fail until the hour has passed. The key must stay in the "On" position during the countdown.

Step 5

Enter the navigation reset code using the numbers on the navigation system display. Hit the "Done" button. The navigation system will reactivate when the "Done" button is hit if the reset code is correct.

Step 6

Reenter the navigation system reset code if "incorrect PIN" is displayed. This indicates that the four-digit code entered is incorrect. After 10 incorrect attempts, turn the ignition key to the "Off" position. Turn the key back to the "On" position. The system will allow 10 more attempts.

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