How to Reset the Suspension in a 2003 Lincoln Navigator

by Jody L. Campbell

Resetting the air suspension on a 2003 Lincoln Navigator is a simple maintenance procedure. The air suspension should be disengage prior to lifting the Navigator and then reengaged after lowering the vehicle and starting the engine. However, it is worth noting that the 2003 Navigator has a history of bad sensors on each wheel. When this occurs, one or more tires may be set at the proper air suspension height, but one or more of the others may not. When the air suspension is not reset properly, the wheels of the SUV will rub on the wheel wells.

Step 1

Open the rear lift gate of the Lincoln Navigator.

Step 2

Remove the cargo cover (if applicable) and locate the on/off switch on the wall of the cargo area. The button is stamped "on" and "off" to show which position it is currently sitting in. The button should be in the on position at all times when the Navigator is on the road/ground.

Step 3

Turn the switch to the off position if intending to lift the vehicle (even if only lifting one quarter to remove a single tire).

Step 4

Turn the switch back to the on position only after the Navigator is back on the ground. This will preserve the air in the suspension.

Step 5

Do nothing if the Navigator was lifted and lowered without applying the reset on/off button. The air suspension will return to its original state, but since the procedure was done incorrectly, it will take up to 10 to 15 minutes for the air suspension to fill the air shocks and raise the SUV up high enough to get the wheel wells off the tires.

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