How to Reset a Tire Monitor on a 2007 Range Rover HSE

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Range Rover HSE (High Specification Edition) is a luxury SUV manufactured by Land Rover. Several new features were introduced for the 2007 Range Rover HSE, including a new electronic parking brake and a standard tire pressure monitoring system. The tire monitor in the Range Rover uses electronics to notify you when your tire pressure is too low or too high.

Step 1

Park your Range Rover on level ground, turn the engine off and engage the parking brake. The parking brake in a 2007 Range Rover is electronic. The switch is located on the left part of the steering column, below the air conditioning controls. Pull the switch backward to engage the parking brake.

Step 2

Get out of the vehicle and unscrew the valve stem cover from each tire. Attach the tire gauge to each tire and measure the reading. Proper tire pressure for the 2007 Range Rover HSE is 38 PSI for the front and 42 PSI for the rear.

Step 3

Adjust the air pressure in the front tires as needed, then move to the rear tires. Your tire monitor will illuminate if the tires are over or under-inflated. You may have to add sufficient air to the tires to bring it to the recommended level or you may have to release air. Use the opposite end of the tire gauge to depress the valve stem and release air, if needed.

Step 4

Replace the valve stems in your Range Rover and drive the vehicle for 5 to 10 minutes. The tire monitor system will reset when it determines the tires are at the proper inflation level.

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