How to Reset the Ford Fuel Shutoff

by Robert Moore

If your Ford ever fails to start or stalls on you suddenly, the first thing to check is the inertia fuel shut-off switch. The switch is designed to trip and cut power to the fuel pump in the event of a collision, but you can also trigger it by hitting a large bump or pothole as well. To reset your Ford's inertia switch, press down on the reset button.

Common Locations

Although the location of the shut-off switch varies by year and model, Ford has stuck with a few common spots over the years. If you own one of Ford's pickup, SUV or van models, you can find the shut-off switch under the dashboard on the passenger or driver side, depending on what year it was built. If you own one of Ford's car models, you may find it located in the trunk compartment. Refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for the exact location.

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