How to Reset the Change Oil in a 2002 Tahoe

by Chris Waller

The Chevrolet company produces cars, trucks and SUVs that are owned by thousands of people across the United States. While these cars are good at getting you to and from where you need to go, just like any other vehicle, they will eventually need an oil change to prevent engine damage. If you have a 2002 Tahoe, getting an oil change will not always turn off the "Change Oil" light that appears on the dashboard. Luckily, you can easily reset that light yourself.

Step 1

Open the door and get inside of the 2002 Tahoe. Close the door and insert the key into the ignition switch to begin to reset the change oil light. This should only be done after the oil has been changed or if you plan to do it soon.

Step 2

Turn the key to the "Run" position. Do not turn the key past this position as you do not want to turn the engine on. You can not reset the change oil light while the car is running.

Step 3

Press the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor and release it. Let it come all the way back up before pressing it back down to the floor again. Do this three times in quick succession. You only have five seconds to complete three presses after doing the first one.

Step 4

Wait for the change oil light to be reset. It will flash for five seconds indicating that it is being reset then it will turn off. If it does not flash five times or turn off, repeat the process to reset the light. Exit the vehicle or drive it as normal after you are finished.

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