Requirements for an Auto Inspection Sticker in West Virginia

by Mickey E
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Auto inspection laws are different from state to state. In West Virginia all vehicles (with very rare exceptions) are required to be inspected yearly. It is very easy to find licensed stations by looking for the logo displayed at garages (verifying them as certified inspection locations) or by simply calling any local garage to ask if they are permitted to perform state inspections. As of March, 2010 the cost for inspection was set at $12.66 including tax.

Station Requirements

To receive inspection licensure, a garage must be able to perform repairs on items covered by the inspection procedure. At least one qualified inspector mechanic for each operated inspection lane must be on hand, and inspections can be made only by licensed inspector mechanics. Likewise, the proper equipment and tools outlined by the West Virginia State Police must be available at the Official Inspection Station for use by the Official Inspector Mechanic.

Inspection Procedures

Upon taking a vehicle in for inspection, it is required that you present legal registration and insurance documentation. No inspection sticker can be granted without this information. The mechanic will remove the old sticker before performing the inspection. Items that are checked include safety glass, sheet metal, bumpers, fenders and frame, horn, rearview mirror, windshield wipers and plate mounting, brakes, front end and steering components, exhaust system and fuel system, tires and wheels, lights, safety devices and seat belts. If all of these items appear to be in acceptable working order ,a new sticker will be placed in the proper location on the vehicle's front windshield.

Rejection Procedure

If a vehicle fails inspection for any reason, the station must offer the necessary repair services to the owner. If the owner refuses those services, the mechanic is required to place a rejection sticker on the windshield. The rejection sticker stays in place until the repairs are made. The vehicle should only be driven with a rejection sticker to the residence, place of business of the owner or a garage until it is repaired. The repairs must take place within 5 days or suspension of license can ensue.

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