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Replacing Motorcycle Hand Grips

by Nick Berube; Updated September 18, 2017

Motorcycle hand grips should be chosen based on their application or the riding style of the individual. Use compressed air to remove a motorcycle hand grip with advice from an experienced motorcycle technician in this free video on motorcycle maintenance and repairs.

About the Author

Nick Berube has been working professionally in the motorcycle industry for more than 15 years. He started as a motorcycle technician at a dealership and has held various jobs within the industry. These have included working for a Supercross team as a mechanic, doing research and development, being a service director in charge of three dealerships, owning his own performance business and training service departments and their staff. He is currently a member of MMI’s program advisory committee. Berube’s training includes being a graduate of MMI and a certified technician, a five-star Yamaha service manager, a Suzuki service pro, a Honda service system technician and involvement in Kawasaki Team Green training.

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