2001 Honda CR125 Specs

by J.D. Richards
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The 2001 Honda CR125 is a lightweight dirt bike with a small engine, and it is suitable for beginners or riders seeking agility over power. The 2001 version of the bike brought modifications in the chassis and suspension to enhance the nimbleness of the bike.


The 2001 Honda CR125 has a 57.8-inch wheelbase and 13.1 inches of ground clearance. Its steering trail is 4.6 inches. The bike's rider sits 37.3 inches off the ground, and the bike weighs 192.9 pounds.


The 2001 Honda CR125 runs on a single-cylinder, 125-cubic-centimeter, two-stroke engine. The engine's bore diameter is 2.1 inches, and its stroke length also is 2.1 inches. The compression ratio of its engine chambers is 8.6:1. It features digital injection, liquid cooling and a five-speed manual transmission.

Suspension and Handling

Suspension is crucial for any dirt bike, because these bikes meet rough terrain on a regular basis. The 2001 Honda CR125 features a lightweight aluminum chassis with a twin-spar aluminum swingarm. According to a review on the Off-Road website, the bike's extended aluminum frame spars--which measure 3.15 inches by 1.18 inches--reduce torsional rigidity by 25 percent and increase lateral rigidity by 10 percent when the bike is compared with predecessors under the same model name. The bike's Kayaba rear shock absorber is fully adjustable, with 12.6 inches of leeway and separate compression damping adjusters for low-speed and high-speed travel.

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