Replacing Door Hinge Pins & Bushings on an S10

by Steve Smith

Replacing door hinge pins and bushings on an S10 Chevrolet pickup truck requires a little elbow grease and some know how. The fix takes around two hours to complete. After all is said and done, close your door and listen to the sound of silence. No longer will the metal scrape against itself and screech. If you have an assistant, ask them to help. The project is easier with two people pitching in.

Step 1

Open the door of the s10. Slide a stool or small bench under the door to support it while you work. Anything about the height of the bottom edge of the door will do the trick.

Step 2

Place a nail punch on the hinge bolt inside the door. While supporting the door by hand or with your support object, tap the hammer to push the nail punch into the pin. Keep tapping until the hinge pin slides up and out of the hinge. When it is about 1/2 inch out of the hinge, grasp it with a pair of pliers or pry it out by hand. Remove the hinge pins while supporting the door.

Step 3

Place the nail punch in the bushings and tap the bushings out of the hinge with the hammer. Do this on both the door frame of the car and the door itself, which is now removed. Continue to tap the bushings until they come out.

Step 4

Insert a new set of bushings into the hinge and door frame. Gently tape them into place with the hammer.

Step 5

Position the door so the hinge holes line up with the hinge holes on the car frame. Hold the door in place (ask your assistant for help here). Slide one of the hinge bolts through the bushings of both hinges. Tap the pin into place with the hammer so it threads through the hinge and secures the door in place.

Step 6

Open and close the door to ensure the hinges are properly aligned.

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