How to Replace a Window Switch on a Chevy Tahoe

by Allen Moore

Window switches allow the driver and passengers to control of the power window systems in a Chevy Tahoe. The switch closes the power window circuit when you push it. This powers up the window motor, which then turns the window regulator gear, so that it can move the window. If a switch shorts out, you'll need to replace it. If you have a solid grasp of basic automotive repair, you can replace a window switch on your Chevy Tahoe in less than 30 minutes.

Extract the power window switch from the Tahoe's door panel by prying it out with the trim tool. The switch rests in a plastic bezel, so slide the tip of the trim tool under the bezel before prying.

Turn the Tahoe's power window switch bezel upside-down and remove the wiring connector from the switch, by hand.

Slip the old switch out of the bezel, by hand. Replace it with the Tahoe's new power window switch.

Plug the Tahoe's new window switch into the window wiring harness. Pop the switch and bezel assembly back into the Tahoe's door panel.

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