How to Replace a Saab Trunk Strut

by William Zane

The hood and trunk struts on your Saab are easy to take for granted--until they come crashing down on your head, that is. When the struts fail, you may think the only solution is to wedge something like a baseball bat between the trunk and trunk lid to keep it raised. Better yet, replace those old trunk struts with new ones and fix the problem entirely. Replacing the trunk struts on a Saab is so easy, a monkey could probably do it.

Open the trunk lid and support it with a baseball bat or something else that is long and sturdy enough to support it while you replace the hood struts.

Remove the C-clip that holds the trunk strut to the trunk itself and then pop the strut off of the mounting ball. Use a pair of needle nose pliers if it is difficult to remove the clip with your fingers. Set the clip somewhere where you won't misplace and lose it.

Remove the clip that holds the strut to the trunk with the pliers or your fingers. Set the clip aside.

Install the new trunk struts by pressing the strut into place and installing the C-clip that holds it to the trunk lid. Next, install the clip that holds it to the trunk itself. Shut the trunk to make sure that it closes fully and that the struts do not interfere with anything on the car.

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