How to Replace Trooper Timing Belts

by Don Bowman
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The Isuzu Trooper needs to have the timing belt replaced at or before every 60,000 miles. Isuzu did not formulate the belt change suggestion lightly, but only after extensive service examination. This engine is considered an interference engine in which a failure of the timing belt will cause catastrophic damage. Timing belts can be purchased at Isuzu dealers or at any auto parts store. The belt takes approximately 4 1/2 hours to replace.

Step 01

Loosen the accessory belt tensioner using a wrench and move it away from the belt and remove the belt. Remove the four nuts securing the cooling fan to the water pump pulley, using a 13 mm wrench. Remove the fan. Remove the water pump pulley by pulling it off by hand.

Step 11

Remove the bolt in the air conditioning belt tensioner with a wrench and remove the tensioner so it does not interfere with the removal of the timing cover. Remove the crankshaft pulley bolt using the breaker bar and a socket, followed by the crankshaft pulley. Remove the timing belt cover using a 10 mm socket.

Step 21

Install the crankshaft bolt temporarily to turn the crankshaft. Turn the crankshaft clockwise until the No. 4 cylinder is at top dead center with the crankshaft and camshaft timing marks aligned. A line on the crankshaft sprocket and the raised line on the block at the 12 o’clock position can identify the crankshaft timing marks. Align both of these marks. The camshaft marks can be identified by a triangle mark just under one of the teeth on the sprocket and it should be aligned with a line on the rear timing cover behind the sprocket at the 12 o’clock position.

Step 31

Loosen the tensioner bolt and push the tensioner away from the timing belt. Loosely tighten the bolt with a wrench to hold it in place. Remove the belt. Install the new belt starting on the left side away from the tensioner and keeping all the tension on this side so the slack will end up on the tensioner side.

Step 41

Loosen the tensioner bolt and allow the tensioner to operate and exert pressure on the timing belt. Rotate the crankshaft two revolutions clockwise with the ratchet and socket and check the timing mark alignment again. If they all line up, replace the remaining parts in reverse order of removal.

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