How to Replace a Toyota Sequoia's Side Mirror

by Zyon Silket

The Toyota Sequoia's side mirror mounts on a small motor inside of the mirror housing. Four metal clips that squeeze around the motor hold the mirror in place. If the mirror becomes worn or even cracked, replacing the side mirror is not difficult. It requires a flat-head screwdriver and about five minutes of time to complete.


Turn the Toyota Sequoia on and use the electronic mirror adjuster to turn the mirror glass so it sits level with the edges of the plastic housing. Turn the vehicle off.


Place a small flat-head screwdriver between the mirror and the mirror housing and push forward with the handle to pop the mirror off the mirror motor. The mirror press fits onto the motor.


Place the new mirror into the housing and push it into place with your fingers until you hear the mirror pop into place.


Turn the Toyota Sequoia back on and rotate the mirror in each direction using the electronic controls to ensure the mirror is seated properly.

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