How to Replace a Timing Belt on a Chevy HHR

by Greyson Ferguson
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Knowing just a little bit about vehicle maintenance can actually save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the long run. Occasionally you'll need to change the timing belt on your Chevy HHR. This belt is located near the engine and, if it is damaged or ripped off, your car can experience significant damage. Changing out the timing belt generally costs hundreds of dollars in labor, which you can save by installing the timing belt yourself.

Step 1

Place your vehicle on lifts. You are going to access the underside of the vehicle and the additional working space is helpful.

Step 2

Remove the power cables on the top of the Chevy HHR's battery, than take off the distributor cap.

Step 3

Twist the crankshaft bolt on the side of the engine until the small timing mark on the crankshaft aligns with the zero degree mark on the timing belt cover.

Step 4

Take off the bolts around the timing cover plate. This plate is used to protect the timing belt. Once the bolts are off, slide the cover plate out.

Step 5

Apply your torque wrench to the timing belt tensioner and loosen the connection. You don't want to completely remove the tensioner, so do not remove the bolt completely. Repeat the same process with the mounting bolt next to the tensioner bolt. With the mounting bolt lose, pry the tensioner off the timing belt, then tighten the mounting bolt. You are now able to slide off the old timing belt from your Chevy HHR.

Step 6

Slide the replacement timing belt into position and loosen the holding bolt. You can then slide the new timing belt into position. Tighten the holding bolt and the tensioner. Place the timing belt cover back onto the vehicle and secure all the bolts you removed from the vehicle.

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