How to Disable the Seatbelt Chime on a Cadillac CTS

by Necie Reed
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The Cadillac CTS has a seat belt chime to remind the driver and passenger to buckle their seat belts. This chime sounds as soon as the vehicle begins to move at a speed of more than 5 mph. You can disable the chime from sounding.

Step 1

Move the driver's seat to its most forward position. Do this for the back and base of the seat.

Step 2

Sit in the rear passenger's seat, directly behind the driver's seat of the vehicle.

Step 3

Reach under the driver's seat, and locate the two-wire plug that runs into the female end of the seat belt. This wire will be the only wire running towards the center of your vehicle.

Step 4

Unplug the wires by squeezing the clip, holding the two wires together and pulling them apart. Your seat belt chime will be disabled. Do the same for the passenger side seat belt chime.

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