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How to Replace a Tie Rod in a Nissan Altima

by Contributor

When the tie rod of the Nissan Altima becomes bent, it manifests itself in the steering. Even after an alignment, your Nissan Altima still won't track straight. You might even notice that your steering feels unstable or has excessive play. The best solution is replacing the tie rod. This is something an amateur mechanic can do with relative ease.

Step 1

Buy tie rods for your Nissan Altima. Make sure they're the ones that are specific to your car's model year, as these parts can vary. Also, buy name brand parts instead of the cheaper versions, which might not be as good and the risk isn't worth the little money you'll save.

Step 2

Use a lug nut wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the front tires, then jack up your car. Once you have it safely supported on jack stands, remove the tires.

Step 3

Remove the bolt that connects the tie rod to the steering rack with a wrench or pliers, then mark the position of the other end of the tie rod in the rod adjuster with paint or a marker. Take out the bolt.

Step 4

Unscrew the tie rod with a wrench or pliers, making sure you keep track of the number turns it takes to do so. Write that number down with a pen on paper.

Step 5

Transfer the marks from the old tie rod onto the new one with a marker or paint, then screw it into position with pliers or a wrench. Tighten the 34 to 38 foot pounds with a torque wrench. Insert the other end of the tie rod into the steering gear and put in the bolt.

Repeat the steps for the other tie rod. Put back on the tires and tighten the lug nuts to 80 foot pounds with a torque wrench. Reconnect the battery cable and get your Nissan Altima aligned.

Items you will need

  • Lug nut wrench
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Wrench
  • Paint or marker
  • Pen and paper
  • Tie rods
  • Torque wrench

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