How to Replace the Ignition Switch on a Dodge Grand Caravan

by Carl Pruit

Over time, your Dodge Grand Caravan ignition switch may wear out due to dirt and debris getting lodged in the switch. This can cause the cylinders to wear down and not function properly. The Dodge Grand Caravan has also has a problem with the wafer material inside the ignition switch getting bent and causing the switch to be locked and unable to move. You can easily replace the switch to repair the problem and have your vehicle operating properly.

Step 1

Detach the negative battery cable from the battery of your Dodge Grand Caravan with an open-end wrench and move the cable out of the way. Be careful that the cable does come into contact with any metal parts to avoid creating a spark.

Step 2

Unfasten the lower dashboard of the vehicle with a screwdriver and take the dashboard out of the way. Undo the cover plate on the underside of the steering cover to expose the electrical wiring.

Step 3

Locate the fuse box that sits underneath the dashboard between the steering column and driver's side door. Remove the fuse box cover and find the electrical wire that runs to the ignition switch on the steering column. Use a screwdriver to unhook the connector that holds the wiring together and pull the wires from the connection.

Step 4

Detach the ignition switch from the steering column by placing a screwdriver under the lip of the ignition switch and using a hammer to gently tap the screwdriver and dislodge the switch from the steering column. Pull the switch out of the column and thread the electrical wiring through the steering column until it is completely free of the column. Watch to see how the wiring is threaded through the column, so you can replace it correctly.

Step 5

Thread the electrical wiring of the new ignition switch through the steering column of your Dodge Grand Caravan. Pull it down until all the slack is out of the wiring and lay it on the floorboard, next to the fuse box. Place the ignition switch in the steering column and set it in place by laying the handle of the screwdriver across the switch and tapping the screwdriver with a hammer until the switch clicks into place.

Step 6

Connect the ignition switch electrical wiring to the connection leading to the fuse box. When the wiring is connected, put the cover back on the fuse box. Put the lower dashboard back in position and secure with screws. Reattach the cover plate on the bottom of the steering column and then attach the negative battery cable to the Dodge Grand Caravan battery.

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