How to Replace a Speed Sensor

by Alibaster Smith

The speed sensor is a magnetic coil plugged into the bottom of the transmission on most vehicles. Replacing the speed sensor is a matter of unscrewing it and screwing in a new sensor. The speed sensor monitors the speed of the transmission gears and relays this information to the gauge cluster to tell you how fast you're moving. If your speedometer stops working, it's likely because the speed sensor has failed. To replace it, you'll need a new sensor and a few simple tools.

Raise the vehicle onto jack stands. If your vehicle sits very low to the ground, jack it up onto jack stands. Use the front jack point behind the radiator to raise the vehicle up. Place jacks stands underneath the front pinch welds and lower the vehicle onto the stands.

Climb under the vehicle and locate the speed sensor. The sensor is located on the bottom of the transmission, or it may be located on either side of the transmission housing. It looks like a small plug sticking out of the transmission with an electrical plug connected to its end.

Remove the electrical plug by squeezing the release tab on the top of the plug and pulling the connection apart.

Remove the sensor by turning it counterclockwise with an open-end or a crescent wrench.

Install the new speed sensor. Installation is the reverse of removal.


  • check For specific information about replacing your vehicle's speed sensor, consult the particular vehicle's manual (see Resources).

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