How to Replace the Signal Lights in a Nissan Altima

by Editorial Team

The signal lights on a Nissan Altima are one of the most important safety features of the car. The importance of a signal light is in the ability of other cars to see you and know where you are going when you drive. Routine maintenance inspections will keep you safe on the road in your Nissan Altima.

Step 1

Perform a routine maintenance check of your Nissan Altima. Check the signal lights for a blown bulb or broken lens cover.

Step 2

Determine the cause of the improper operation of the Altima signal light. If the bulb is blown, the cost of repair is minimal.

Step 3

Find the light housing under the hood of the Nissan Altima. You also need to locate the sidemarker housing under the front fenders/bumper of the car.

Step 4

Turn the thumbscrew that holds the light housing in place. You need to use a Phillips screwdriver to detach the light housing from the car completely.

Step 5

Twist the screws counter-clockwise and lift the light housing up and out. Be careful not to pull the wires out of the housing unit.

Step 6

Search for the bulb socket. On a Nissan Altima, the bulb socket assembly is easily visible. Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise to reveal the blown bulb.

Step 7

Insert a new signal light bulb into the light socket. Attach the bulb socket to the housing unit. Fasten the light housing unit to the car and test the new signal light bulb to see if the filament is intact.

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