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How to Replace the Serpentine Belt in a Chevy Camaro

by Contributor

The Chevy Camaro has one serpentine drive belt that runs multiple accessories. Chevrolet recommends checking this belt every 30,000 miles or 24 months for possible replacement due to normal wear. The auto-adjusting belt tension system makes replacing a belt fairly easy. This article refers to the model year 1993-2002. Check your owner's documentation for specific info for your model year.

Step 1

Remove all parts that prevent access to the belt and tensioner pulley. On pre-1998 models, you may have to remove an air intake duct to get to the belt area. For models 1998 and on, it's likely to be the air cleaner housing and/or air intake resonator that's in the way.

Step 2

Find the belt routing diagram on the radiator support. This will help you install the new belt. If you can't find a routing diagram, draw your own for later reference. Find the tensioner pulley, generally between the crankshaft and alternator.

Step 3

Use the wrench on the belt tensioner bolt to rotate the tensioner clockwise, releasing tension on the belt.

Step 4

Take the old belt off of the tensioner pulley and release the pulley. Slip the old belt off of all of the other pulleys, then use your belt routing diagram to install the new belt.

Step 5

Rotate the tensioner again to allow the new belt to go around the tensioner pulley.

Slip the new belt onto the tensioner pulley and then release the pulley. Check for reasonable tension on the belt and make sure it is seated correctly on all pulleys.

Items you will need

  • Replacement belt
  • Wrench set

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