How to Replace the Alternator Belt in a KIA Spectra 5

by Grace Mclain
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The alternator belt on the KIA Spectra 5 is a single belt that controls the alternator and the water pump. The alternator/water pump belt is controlled by the crankshaft pulley. When the engine is running, the crankshaft turns the belt around the alternator pulley and the water pump pulley. This process enables the alternator to function and the water pump to be able to function as well. If the belt becomes damaged or cracked, replace the belt as soon as possible before it breaks.

Step 1

Park the KIA Spectra and engage the parking brake. Open the hood.

Step 2

Locate the alternator on the top driver side of the engine. The alternator has an adjustment bracket on top of the alternator and a pivot bolt on the bottom of the alternator.

Step 3

Loosen the bottom alternator pivot bolt with the ratchet, extension and a socket.

Step 4

Loosen the locking nut in the center of the alternator adjustment bracket with the ratchet and a socket.

Step 5

Turn the adjustment bolt at the end of the alternator adjustment bracket counterclockwise with the ratchet and a socket until the belt is loose.

Step 6

Pull the belt out of the alternator pulley, water pump pulley and the crankshaft pulley. Then, route the belt around each fan blade. Pull the belt out of the engine area.

Step 7

Route the new alternator belt around each fan blade and into all three pulleys.

Step 8

Turn the adjustment bolt clockwise with the ratchet and socket to tighten the belt. Check the tension of the belt by pushing inward on the belt. If the belt has more than one 1/2-inch of slack, keep tightening the belt until there is no more than 1/2-inch of slack in the belt.

Step 9

Tighten the locking nut on the adjustment bracket tight with the ratchet and socket. Then, tighten the bottom alternator pivot bolt tight with the ratchet, extension and socket.

Step 10

Crank the KIA Spectra and let the motor run for 30 seconds. Turn the motor off and recheck the tension on the belt. Close the hood.

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