How to Change the Alternator on a Hyundai XG350

by Alibaster Smith

The alternator in a Hyundai XG350 is a generator that powers all of the electrical equipment in the car. The alternator uses a rotor, copper wire and brushes to create an electrical charge. This electrical charge recharges the battery and powers everything else in the Hyundai in the process. Over time, the brushes and wires can become corroded or the rotor can burn out. This will cause the alternator to fail. When this happens, you'll typically be able to know indirectly as the battery light on the dash will illuminate. While this could indicate a dead battery, more often than not it indicates that the alternator has died and that it must be changed.

Step 1

Disconnect the cable running to the negative battery terminal. Loosen the retaining nut on the cable clamp and slide the clamp off the battery terminal.

Step 2

Disconnect the electrical plug running to the alternator. Squeeze the release tab on the top of the plug and pull the connector off the alternator.

Step 3

Loosen the alternator pivot bolt on the top of the alternator and the mounting bolt on the bottom of the alternator.

Step 4

Remove the alternator belt. Now that the pivot and mounting bolts have been loosened, the tension on the belt should be loose enough for your to pull the belt off the alternator pulley.

Step 5

Remove the pivot and mounting bolts on the alternator and pull the alternator out of the engine bay.

Step 6

Install the new alternator. Installation is the reverse of removal. Retighten the bottom mounting bolt. Then, reinstall the alternator belt in the reverse manner than you removed it. Apply tension to the belt by wedging a breaker bar between the alternator and the firewall and pulling back on the alternator. Tighten the pivot bolt and check the tension on the belt with a tensioner gauge. The tension for the belt should be 80 lbs. Then reconnect the electrical plug and reconnect the battery.

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