How to Replace RV Sealand Ball Valve

by William Collins

Replacing the ball valve on your Sealand recreational vehicle toilet will keep out holding tank odors and retain toilet bowl water level for a clean flush. After many years of flushing, the plastic ball valve on your RV Sealand toilet will wear and accumulate hard water residue. Also the Teflon bowl seal that the ball rubs against becomes worn and will need to be replaced. When it’s time to replace the ball valve, it’s a good idea to also replace the spring that returns the flush pedal to its normal position and closes the ball and water valve.


Turn off the water supply valve to the toilet.


Remove the plastic skirt from around the toilet with the screwdriver. There is usually only one screw holding it in place.


Remove the large hose clamp that holds the bowl to the pedestal using the screwdriver. This clamp is attached with a screw at the rear of the toilet and must be replaced in the same orientation.


Remove the two screws holding the water valve in place using the screwdriver and disconnect the water hoses.


Pull the water valve out of the way and put it in a safe place.


Slide the flush pedal off the spring cartridge.


Remove the screws holding the spring cartridge in place using the screwdriver. Don’t disassemble this cartridge, the spring is very strong and can hurt you. Remove the spring cartridge and place it aside.


Remove the screw that attaches the ball valve to the ball shaft using the screwdriver. You might have to remove debris to find this screw.


Hold the ball valve securely while you slide the ball shaft out of the pedestal, then remove it from pedestal. The ball will fall into the holding tank if you let go of it.


Install the new ball valve in the pedestal drain hole, insert the ball shaft and secure it with the new screw. Install the spring cartridge on the ball shaft and secure with two screws.


Install the flush pedal over the spring cartridge, and attach the water valve through the spring cartridge using two screws.


Install the new Teflon bowl seal with the “THIS SIDE UP” label facing up. Place the toilet bowl on the pedestal and secure it using the large hose clamp.


Reconnect the hoses to the water valve. Install the plastic pedestal skirt with the screw in the back. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks.

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