How to Install Pedal Covers

by Danyel Bierly

Installing pedal covers on your vehicle is possible with the right tools. Replace your pedal covers when they have become worn or if you prefer to have a more stylish design. Research the specifications of the pedal covers to ensure they will fit properly. Many manufacturers have pedal covers that are specific for certain car types only.

Step 1

Activate the emergency brake on your vehicle to prevent it from rolling while you are working with the pedals. Remove the driver's side floor mat to gain access to the bolts underneath the accelerator. Place the floor mat on the ground so that you can kneel on it while you remove and install the pedal covers.

Step 2

Pry the factory brake pedal cover off with your fingers. Slide your fingers underneath the top portion of the pedal cover and lift upward. The cover should slide off easily once the top portion is removed. Remove the clutch pedal cover by inserting the flat end of the screwdriver into the slit between the cover and the metal pedal on the right side. Twist and the pedal cover will pop off.

Step 3

Remove the accelerator cable and retainer at the top portion of the accelerator pedal with your fingers. Use the 13 mm wrench to remove the nuts that connect the accelerator pedal to the floor. Remove the entire accelerator pedal and bar by pulling it out from the vehicle after removing the nuts.

Step 4

Place the punch into the pin area of the pedal bracket that connects the pedal to the assembly and hammer the pin until it almost comes completely out. Remove the factory pedal from the metal assembly.

Step 5

Clean the metal portion of the pedals with a clean shop towel and degreaser. This step will remove any dust or grime left by the old pedal covers.

Step 6

Install the new accelerator pedal by placing the pin through the mounting hole in the back of the pedal, securing it to the metal accelerator assembly. Replace the accelerator assembly in the same manner that you removed it. Tighten the 13 mm nuts into the floor and reattach the accelerator cable and retainer.

Step 7

Pour four cups of water into the small saucepan and place on the stove. Put the new brake and clutch pedal covers in the pan. Boil for approximately two to three minutes. Turn off the stove and remove the saucepan from the burner. Remove the hot pedals with tongs and place them on a clean dry cloth to dry. Let them cool for approximately one to two minutes before handling with your bare hands.

Step 8

Stretch the rubber portion of the pedal cover over the top part of the brake pedal and work your way down. Repeat this step for the clutch pedal cover.

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