How to Replace RV Batteries

by Jose Leiva

Like car batteries, RV batteries don’t last forever. Eventually they no longer hold a charge and have to be replaced. Replacing RV batteries is not any different from replacing the batteries on a regular vehicle, except that RVs generally have more than one battery. Nevertheless, if you have some inclination as to how to replace a car battery, then you’ll be able to replace an RV battery with no problems at all. If you’ve never replaced a battery in a vehicle, then you still shouldn’t run into too much trouble.

Power off the RV and all of its electrical components. Make sure that everything is shut off before starting to work on the batteries.

Open the hatch that covers the batteries. Unlike cars, RVs don’t have a hood under which all its components are accessible. Instead there are side panels that lift up to uncover different auto parts.

Pull out the battery tray. Some RVs don’t have trays that pull out; instead you have to reach into the compartment. If this is the case, then skip this step.

Loosen the bolts that tighten the cables to the negative post of the battery. The negative post will either have a black colored plug, or no plug at all. You may need a wrench to loosen the bolt. Some RV batteries will have more than one negative and positive post. If this is the case, you must loosen all of the cables from all of the posts.

Pull off the cable from the negative post and push it aside, then loosen the bolts that tighten the cables to the positive post. The positive post will have a red plug on it.

Pull off the cable from the positive post and push it aside, make sure that the negative and positive cables don’t touch in case there is any remaining electricity.

Pull the old battery out of the compartment and put the new battery in its place.

Replace the positive cable back onto the positive post and tighten the bolt on the cable.

Replace the negative cable back onto the negative post and tighten the bolt on the cable.

Push the tray back into place and close the hatch.

Power on the RV and you should have power restored.

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