How to Replace Rear Wiper Blades

by Heath Wright

Windshield wiper blades are necessary in rainy weather. The process of changing a rear windshield wiper blade takes an average of 30 minutes and should be repeated annually along with replacing the front windshield wiper blades. If they are not replaced, they may fall off during use and scratch the entire windshield or not adequately clear the glass of obstructions.

Step 1

Lift the plastic cap off the rear wiper blade. Unscrew the 13 mm screws with the flat-head screwdriver. Lift the wiper arm off the windshield and the plastic cover underneath the arm. Unscrew the 22 mm screws and then take off the wiper off. Go inside the car and into the back seat.

Step 2

Remove the rear windshield wiper panel and unplug the wiper motor. Unscrew the 10 mm screws. Remove the windshield wiper motor unit from the inside and then go outside and loosen the old blade from the wiper unit. Replace the old wiper blade with the new one.

Step 3

Fasten the blade to the wiper on the outside and then go back into the car and fasten the windshield wiper motor unit and screw the unit back in place with the 10 mm screws. Go back outside the car and then screw in the 22 mm screws.

Step 4

Put the wiper arm back into its original position so that the new blade is touching the rear-view window. Screw the 13 mm screws back into place and then put the plastic cap back on the rear windshield wiper. Check the wiper. Turn the car on and then start the rear windshield wiper.

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