How to Replace a Radiator in a Mercury Cougar

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The radiator in your car is essential, regulating, cycling water through and keeping it cool to prevent the engine from overheating. It's essential that you keep the radiator in good shape, but radiators puncture easily, or corrode over time. If you're mechanically inclined, you can save money by replacing the radiator in your Mercury Cougar. The process is essentially the same for any year or model.

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Drain the engine coolant into a resealable container, then remove the upper radiator hose. If your Mercury's motor is 2.5-L, remove the radiator overflow hose. If the car has an automatic transaxle, remove the transmission cooler line and plug the line and fitting.

Remove the engine fan. Raise the car with jacks and support it securely on a jack stand. Take off the lower radiator hose. Inspect the hose for wear, and if necessary, replace it.

Hold the radiator connector with a wrench and remove the cooler lines. Remove the lower supports from the front of the subframe, and remove the two air conditioner condenser brackets from the brackets on the bottom of the radiator.

Slide the radiator out from the bottom of the car.

Install the new radiator and support with with a jack or other lifting device while you replace the retaining bolts on the air conditioner condenser in the brackets on the bottom of the radiator.

Lower the vehicle carefully with the jack and replace and tighten the nuts on the fan shroud. If your car is equipped with a transmission cooler line, reconnect it now, along with the upper radiator hose. If your Cougar has a 2.5-L motor, install the overflow hose on the radiator. Reconnect the negative battery cable.

Fill the cooling system with a mixture of half water and half engine coolant. Start the car and let it run for a couple of minutes, then turn it off, bleed the system and check for leaks.

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