How to Replace an Oil Pressure Sending Unit in a Cherokee

by Christian Killian
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The oil pressure sending unit for the Jeep Cherokee is located on the side of the block near the oil filter. The sender is a small silver and black, cylindrical sensor that has a weather-proof plug on the end of it. Changing the oil pressure sending unit is easy and requires only one wrench or a large pair of slip-joint pliers. The function of the sending unit is to transmit the pressure reading to the Cherokee's computer. The computer converts the information and sends it to your gauges.

Step 1

Locate the oil pressure sending unit on the block of your Jeep's motor. It sits just above the oil filter and screws into the engine block.

Step 2

Remove the electrical connector that plugs into the end of the sending unit. It is a weather-tight connector and has a retaining clip on the slip that you will need to lift slightly while pulling the plug loose.

Step 3

Locate the nut-shaped metal base on the sending unit and grasp it with a large pair of slip-joint pliers. Turn the sending unit counter clockwise to remove it from the block. Do not grasp the sending unit on the plastic, it will break under the pressure of the pliers.

Step 4

Insert the new sending unit into the block and tighten it until snug. Do not over-tighten it or it may crack.

Step 5

Plug in the electrical plug on the end of the sending unit. It will click into place when it is fully seated.

Step 6

Test run the engine and verify that the sending unit is working by checking the gauge in the instrument panel.

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