How to Replace a Pontiac Turn Signal Switch

by Juanita Williams

The turn signal switch is one of the safety mechanism on a vehicle. It allow drivers to operate their left and right turn signals. It is a common mistake to confuse the turn signal lever as being the turn signal switch. Replacing the switch is a difficult task and it is recommended to leave the job to a trained mechanic. There are safety precautions that need to be taken and not adhering to them can result in personal injury.

Remove the horn pad from the steering wheel. Take your torx bit with a 3/8 extension and put it on a 3/8 ratchet to remove the forward torx bolts behind the steering wheel. Turn counterclockwise on each bolt until they are removed. Take the horn pad off.

Disconnect both terminals on the battery and wait two minutes before proceeding to remove the airbag. This is a safety precaution that will prevent the airbag from accidentally deploying. Unplug and remove the airbag. Unplug the electrical connector by pulling it apart using your hand.

Remove the steering wheel. Remove the steering wheel nut retainer using a pair of pliers. Take your deep 13 mm socket with your ratchet and turn counterclockwise to remove the nut. Install the steering wheel puller by inserting the three screws into the holes on your steering wheel. Put the ratchet with your 13 mm socket on the middle screw and turn clockwise until the steering wheel is removed.

Remove the plate cover. Press down on the shaft plate cover and remove the retaining clip using the pliers. Take the plate cover off.

Remove the canceling cam and spring. Lift up on the canceling cam to remove it. Take the spring out.

Remove the hazard flashing button. Remove the retaining screw in the middle of the button using a Philips screwdriver.

Remove the turn signal switch. Remove the three screws from the turn signal switch. Pull the turn signal switch out through the steering column and unplug the electrical connector.

Installation is reverse of removal.

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