How to Replace a Pontiac Montana Light Bulb

by EN Readster

No one wants to spend time sitting at a garage waiting for a repair on their Pontiac Montana van that could have easily been done at home. Doing routine maintenance on your van is an easy way to save time and money. Changing a light bulb on your Pontiac Montana is a simple task that will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Open the hood and find the front turn signal/parking lamp assembly. Detach the assembly by turning the thumbscrew.

Pull the headlamp away from the vehicle.

Loosen the black retainer ring that keeps the bulb attached.

Pull the bulb gently from the holder.

Remove the light bulb by lifting up the blue tabs and pulling out the bulb.

Insert the new bulb through the black ring and push firmly. Tighten the black ring down.

Return the assembly to the lamp housing. Reattach the thumbscrew.


  • Halogen bulbs contain pressurized gas and can cause injury, so handle with care.

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