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How to Replace the Oil Pump in a 351 Windsor

by John Stevens J.D.

The Ford 351 Windsor was first produced in 1969, although it was based on the earlier 289/302 engines. Within the engine is a mechanical oil pump which, as its name suggests, pumps oil throughout the engine. When the oil pump fails, the engine will quickly overheat and serious engine damage will occur. For this reason, the engine should not be turned on until the defective oil pump is replaced.

Step 1

Drain the oil inside the oil pan by removing the bolt at the bottom of the pan with a wrench.

Step 2

Remove the 22 bolts which secure the oil pan to the bottom of the cylinder block with a wrench, then lower the pan off the cylinder block to access the oil pump.

Step 3

Remove the two bolts which secure the oil pump’s inlet tube and screen to the bottom of the oil pump with a wrench. Discard the old inlet tube gasket.

Step 4

Remove the two bolts which secure the top of the oil pump to the cylinder block with a wrench, then lower the pump from the cylinder block. Discard the old oil pump gasket.

Step 5

Pull the metal rod out of the top of the old oil pump, then insert the rod into the new pump.

Step 6

Position a new oil pump gasket onto the mating surface on the top of the new pump.

Step 7

Lift the new pump into position within the cylinder block while guiding the metal rod at the top of the pump into the engine. The metal rod meshes with the bottom of the distributor. It may be necessary to twist the rod until it connects with the distributor.

Step 8

Install and tighten the pump’s two retaining bolts with a wrench.

Step 9

Position a new inlet tube gasket onto the inlet tube, then position the tube against the bottom of the pump and install and tighten the tube’s two retaining bolts with a wrench.

Step 10

Peel the old oil pan gasket off the pan, then coat a new pan gasket with gasket sealant.

Step 11

Position the oil pan gasket onto the oil pan, then press the pan against the bottom of the cylinder block.

Step 12

Install and tighten the oil pan’s 22 retaining bolts with a wrench.

Allow at least one hour to pass to allow the oil pan gasket sealer to dry, then fill the engine with oil through the valve cover.

Items you will need

  • Wrench
  • Oil pump gasket
  • Oil pump inlet tube gasket
  • Oil pan gasket
  • Gasket sealer
  • Engine oil

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