How to Replace a Wiper Motor in a 2000 Cadillac DeVille

by Matt Scheer
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General Motors has been producing Cadillacs with the DeVille designation since 1949. The DeVille name designates a full-bodied sedan with deluxe trim. The windshield wiper motor powers the wiper blades that clean the windshield of the DeVille. The wiper motor resides on the bulkhead close to the wiper arms. Replacing the wiper motor requires that you take off the wiper arms and intake grating. Fortunately, this is a straightforward task; however, you will need an extension for your socket wrench, as the lowest bolts that mount the motor to the bulkhead are very hard to reach.

Step 1

Pry the rubber stoppers off the base of the wiper arms. The rubber stoppers cover the hardware that connects the wiper arms to the Cadillac DeVille. Insert the flat end of the flat-head screwdriver under the shoulder of the rubber stopper and pull upward.

Step 2

Use the socket wrench to take off the nuts that hold the wiper arms attached to the mounting bolts.

Step 3

Pry off the plastic cover pins from the intake grating. The cover pins prevent debris from reaching the screws that mount the intake grating to the bulkhead. Insert a pick under the cover pin and pop it off. Use your free hand to cover the pin to prevent it flinging away.

Step 4

Take off the intake grating and rest it on the windshield. Lay a blanket below the intake grating, on the windshield, if you're worried about scratching the glass.

Step 5

Detach the power cable from the wiper motor.

Step 6

Remove the mounting bolts that hold the wiper motor to the bulkhead. Use the extension on the socket wrench to reach the lowest bolts.

Step 7

Pull the wiper motor off the bulkhead and compare its shape and bolt hole orientation to the new wiper motor.

Step 8

Insert the old bolts into the rubber sleeves of the new motor, prepping the motor for installation.

Step 9

Line up the bolts with the rivets for the wiper motor on the bulkhead. Screw the bolts into position, using your hand. Finish tightening, using the socket wrench.

Step 10

Replace the intake grating and the wiper arms, along with the attendant hardware you removed earlier.

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