How to Replace the Wiper Motor on a C280 Mercedes

by Matt Scheer
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Daimler AG introduced the Mercedes-Benz C-class of executive cars in 1993. The C280 is the high-end model of the debut generation, coming out in 1996 and featuring an engine that can pull 190 horsepower. Like most executive cars, the C280 windshield wiper motor powers the arms of the wiper blades. The wiper motor vibrates when active and may be heard from inside the vehicle. The wiper motor resides on the bulkhead near the intake grating. In order to remove the wiper motor, you have to remove the wiper arms and the intake grating. These chores don't take but a few minutes, and to complete the entire job you shouldn't need to spend more than an hour.


Step 1

Note the rubber stoppers covering the nuts that mount the wiper arm to the C280. Remove these stoppers by wedging the flat-head screwdriver under the belly of the stopper and pulling upward. They come off in one motion.

Step 2

Use the socket wrench to take off the nuts holding the wiper arms to the mounting bolts, turning counterclockwise.

Step 3

Use the sharp end of a pick to pop off the plastic cover pins shielding the screws of the intake grating from debris and corrosion. Insert the end of the pick under the cover pins and pull upward to pop them off.

Step 4

Remove the screws holding the intake grating to the bulkhead using the Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 5

Pick up the intake grating and place it on the windshield. Lay a blanket over the windshield beforehand if you're worried about scratching the glass.

Step 6

Unplug the power cord feeding the windshield-wiper motor.

Step 7

Remove the bolts holding the wiper motor to the bulkhead using the socket wrench and the long extension in order to reach the lowest bolt below the wiper motor.

Step 8

Pull the wiper motor off the bulkhead and compare its shape and hole position to the new wiper motor.

Step 9

Insert the mounting bolts into the rubber sleeves of the new wiper motor. These sleeves dampen the effect of vibration from the motor when it is turned on.

Step 10

Line up the bolts of the wiper motor with the holes on the bulkhead. Hand-tighten the bolts into position before making them snug using the socket wrench.

Step 11

Plug in the power cord to the new wiper motor. Replace the intake grating, the plastic cover pins over the screws, the wiper arms, and the rubber stoppers over the arms.

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