How to Replace a Mazda Miata Battery

by TJ Hinton

Replacing the battery in your 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata is routine and easy, but there are some things to watch out for. Your Miata uses an unusual dynamic stability control system that relies upon electronic memory to store the starting values of the steering start position, and other information critical to safe operation. So it's particularly important that you install a memory-saver according to the manufacturer's instructions before disconnecting the battery. Otherwise, you'll lose this information and have to perform the steering angle sensor initialization procedure once the battery is exchanged. Always have the charging system checked when you replace the battery.


Remove the rubber hose from its retainers along the battery cover. Release the battery cover lock tabs, then remove the cover from the battery box. Install the memory-saver per its manufacturer's instructions. Using a ratchet and socket, loosen the negative battery cable pinch bolt and disconnect the cable. Loosen the positive battery cable pinch bolt and disconnect the cable. Using a terminal brush, remove any corrosion or oxidation from the cable terminals.


Using a ratchet and socket, loosen the battery retainer nuts until you can unhook the bolts from the bottom of the case. Lift the retainer, nuts and bolts off the battery as a unit. Lift the old battery straight up and out of the case, then seat the new battery in position. Avoid tipping the batteries during removal and installation.


Drape the battery retainer hardware over the battery, being careful not to contact the battery terminals. Hook the retainer bolts under the battery case, then torque the retainer nuts to 35 to 61 inch-pounds, using an inch-pound torque wrench and socket.


Install the positive battery cable first, then the negative battery cable, and tighten them securely. Disconnect the memory-saver. Snap the battery cover securely in place. Ensure that the lock tabs engage with their studs. Snap the rubber hose into place on the cover.

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