How to Replace a Land Cruiser Oxygen Sensor

by Tara Kimball
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Your Toyota Land Cruiser monitors the oxygen levels in the exhaust using oxygen sensors. When an oxygen sensor fails, your truck begins to burn more fuel, running rich. Your gas mileage will decrease and the check engine light may come on. A Toyota Land Cruiser has as many as four oxygen sensors if it is equipped with dual exhaust. A single exhaust truck will have two sensors.

Step 1

Identify the sensor you need to replace. For trucks with single exhaust pipes, you will find the sensors in front of and behind the catalytic converter. If you have dual exhaust, you will have a set of two sensors on each exhaust pipe. Replace them all for ease of maintenance if you can. You can buy sensors at a Toyota dealer or auto parts specialty store.

Step 2

Pull the wiring harness from the top of the sensor. The wiring harness clips into place and will pull free easily.

Step 3

Remove the sensor from the exhaust pipe. You may find two retaining nuts securing it, or it may thread into the pipe. Use a closed-end wrench to remove the nuts if needed. Use an oxygen sensor socket and ratchet to remove the sensor if it threads into the pipe.

Step 4

Replace the sensor with a new one, threading it in by hand and then tightening it with the oxygen sensor socket and ratchet. If retaining nuts secure your sensor, replace them and tighten them with a closed-end wrench.

Step 5

Insert the wiring harness connector to the top of the oxygen sensor. Press the connector in until it is secure. Repeat the process on the remaining sensors.

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