How to Disconnect a Mass Air Flow Sensor

by Cassandra Tribe
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To clean or replace your mass air flow sensor, you need to disconnect it from the air flow system of your engine. The mass air flow sensor is located behind your air filter housing toward the rear of your engine. It is a square-in-shape attachment that is bolted onto the air flow tube. The sensor is also connected to your car's electrical system. It is imperative that you know the correct way to disconnect a mass air flow sensor so that nothing else in the system gets damaged.

Step 1

Park your car on a level surface. Turn off the engine. Open the hood and let the engine cool down. You want the engine cool to the touch before you begin to disconnect the mass air flow sensor.

Step 2

Trace the plastic air flow tube back from the air filter housing until you locate where the sensor is attached to it. The mass air flow sensor will be bolted to the top of it.

Step 3

Follow the wiring harness coming from the sensor to where the sensor harness plugs into your car's electric system. Squeeze the tabs in on the sides of the connecting terminal, and pull the terminal apart to separate the two harnesses.

Step 4

Remove the four bolts holding the mass air flow sensor into place on the air flow tube with a socket wrench, then lift the sensor out of place. You can now clean or replace your mass air flow sensor.

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