How to Replace the Key for a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Richard Ristow
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The difficulty in replacing a Jeep Grand Cherokee's keys depends on how many spares you have. If you have lost all of your keys, or only have one left, you must visit the local dealership with the owner's PIN number that was provided at the time of purchase. The dealership will cut and program new keys. A single spare key won't work because you need two spares to program a new one. If you have at least two spares, you can visit a Jeep-approved locksmith and have the blade copied. You can then reprogram the key yourself.

Step 1

Visit a Jeep-approved locksmith. Bring your registration and four-digit owner's PIN with you to prove you own the Grand Cherokee.

Step 2

Climb into the driver's seat. Place the first of the two original spares into the ignition and turn it to the "On" position. Wait three seconds at the minimum, then turn to "Lock" before removing the key.

Step 3

Place the second of the two spares into the ignition and turn to "On." Wait at least three seconds. The Grand Cherokee will make a chiming sound, and the Vehicle Security Light will start flashing. This is a signal to turn the key to "Lock" and remove it.

Step 4

Place the recently cut copy into the ignition and turn to "On." You need to do this within 60 seconds of removing the second spare. After 10 seconds, the Grand Cherokee will make one chiming sound, and the vehicle security light will stop flashing. To show that the process is complete, the vehicle security light will light up for three seconds and then turn off. Remove the new duplicate. The key replacement process is finished.

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