How to Replace a Key for a 2005 Honda Pilot

by Patrick Warren
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The 2005 Honda Pilot comes with special keys that include a built-in key fob for remotely locking and unlocking the vehicle. To work properly, each key fob has to be programmed to match a unique vehicle. The key part must be custom cut by a locksmith or dealer as the cutting is not the same as older Hondas and can't be cut by a traditional key-cutting machine. Blank Pilot keys are available through dealers or some auto parts suppliers.

Replacing the Key Through a Dealership

Step 1

Contact a Honda dealership parts department and ask for a replacement key.

Step 2

Provide to the dealership the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and proof of ownership. The dealership will cut and program the replacement key to work with your vehicle.

Test the new key and fob to make sure it works properly with your Pilot.

Replacing the Key Through an Auto Parts Supplier

Step 1

Purchase a replacement key from a parts supplier. Make sure the supplier provides programming instructions with the key in case the key has any nonstandard programming steps. If they do not, check the programming link in the article resources for instructions. The instructions are for a 2008 Pilot, but they should work for most Honda-compatible key fobs.

Step 2

Follow the directions provided with the key. The directions will vary based on the key manufacturer. The directions will only be for programming the fob; the key will still need to be cut. Test the fob after programming to make sure it works with the Pilot.

Take the key to an automotive locksmith that provides Honda key cutting or to a Honda dealership. Provide the VIN so the key can be cut to work with your Pilot. The key is cut based on the VIN. Locksmiths usually charge a lower fee than dealerships to stay competitive.

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