How to Replace a Jeep Windshield Washer Pump

by Alibaster Smith

The windshield washer pump, or motor, is responsible for making sure that windshield washer fluid is forced through the nozzles on top of the hood so that you can clean your windshield if it gets dirty while you're driving. The pump is a motor that, over time, may wear out. Because wiper fluid is not used as much as other components on your Jeep, you may never need to replace this item. However, if you do, follow these suggestions.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Loosen the nut on the cable clamp until the clamp slides off the negative battery terminal.

Pull the wiper arm away from the windshield until it locks in a vertical position.

Remove the retaining nuts on the wiper arm and lift the arm from the wiper motor/pump.

Open the hood and remove the weatherstripping from the cowl area.

Disconnect the linkage from the ball connector using a flat-tip screwdriver.

Unplug the electrical wiring running to the pump/motor.

Remove the bolts holding the pump in place and remove the pump.

Install a new pump. Installation is the reverse of removal.


  • check There are many makes and models of Jeeps. For specific replacement information for your Jeep, consult the particular vehicle's manual (see Resources).

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