How to Replace a Jeep Engine

by Robert Good

Jeep engines can go through a lot of stress throughout their lives, especially if the Jeep is taken off-road. When the engine on a Jeep locks up or fails, removing the engine to rebuild it or replace it is one consideration. Jeep websites will have kits, parts, tools and just about everything else that you will need to do the job right.

How to remove the engine


Place the drain pan under the radiator. Disconnect the radiator hose from the bottom of the radiator with a screwdriver or just cut the hose off if the hose won't come off easily. Drain the radiator into the drain pan. Use the ratchet set to remove the nuts and bolts securing the radiator to the Jeep engine wall and pull the radiator out of the engine compartment.


Use the wrench to remove the nuts on the hose connectors on the bottom of the power steering pump. Place the cup under the power steering pump, pull the hoses out of the pump and let the pump drain into the cup. Remove the bolts that are holding the pump to the firewall and remove the pump from the engine compartment.


Remove the nuts and bolts from the exhaust manifold with the wrench and pull the exhaust manifold away from the engine. Raise the front end of the Jeep with the jack, place the jack stands at the support points and lower the Jeep onto the stands. Remove the bolts that are connecting the transmission to the engine with the ratchet set.


Place the jack underneath the engine block. Raise the engine up to take the weight off of the engine mounts. Using the ratchet set remove the bolts from the engine mounts. Pull the engine mounts out of the fittings.


Place the engine hoist in front of the Jeep. Connect the engine hoist chain to engine. Connect the chain to the engine mount fitting securing the chain with a bolt. Use the engine hoist to raise the engine out of the engine compartment.

How to drop the engine


Lower the new engine into the engine compartment using the engine hoist. Place the jack underneath the Jeep's engine block to support the weight of the engine. Insert the engine mounts into the fittings and replace the nuts and bolt; then secure them with the ratchet set and the wrench.


Replace the exhaust manifold and use the wrench to secure the exhaust manifold bolts to the engine. Replace the bolts that connect the transmission to the engine with the ratchet set.


Replace the power steering pump to the firewall and secure the pump in place with the bolts. Use the ratchet set to secure the bolts. Reconnect the hoses to the pump and secure the nuts with the wrench.


Replace the radiator to the engine housing. Reconnect the hose to the bottom of the radiator and the engine with the screwdriver.

Items you will need


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