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How to Replace the Serpentine Belt of a Subaru Forester

by Robert Good

The serpentine belt on a Subaru Forester is located on the front of the engine. The serpentine belt is the large black belt that connects to each round engine pulley. The engine pulleys are what power the components that are on the engine, such as the alternator. Replacing the serpentine belt is not difficult to do and no major tools are needed. You can replace the serpentine belt in your driveway in 15 minutes or less.


Open the hood of the Subaru Forester and allow the engine to cool before proceeding. Locate the drive belt and the tension pulley. The tension pulley will be on the right front side of the engine and will be the smallest engine pulley.


Connect the wrench to the nut in the center of the engine's tension pulley. Turn the nut counterclockwise using the wrench to loosen the belt. Pull the belt off of the engine pulleys and set the belt aside.


Place the new belt onto the engine pulleys. Almost every Subaru Forester engine will be set up differently, so you will need to use the drive serpentine belt diagram on the plastic cover above the radiator.


Turn the wrench that is connected to the nut in the center of the tension pulley clockwise to tighten the new belt. The tension specification will be on the diagram above the radiator.

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