How to Replace Hyundai Battery Cables

by Jule Pamplin

A stable battery connection is key to ensuring a reliable starting engine. When the battery cables are worn or otherwise damaged--or when the connection is in any way disrupted--the consequences can range from inconvenient to seriously unsafe. Replacing battery cables on your Hyundai is one way to ensure a solid connection and provide a safe battery-to-starter connection.

How to Replace Hyundai Battery Cables.

Step 1

Turn the vehicle off. Locate the battery under the hood on the left side of the Hyundai.

Step 2

Remove the battery cover and disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

Step 3

Remove the positive battery cable from the battery. With a wire brush, clean the connection points of the battery.

Step 4

Follow the negative battery cable to the ground source. The vehicle frame is the ground source on a Hyundai.

Step 5

Disconnect the negative cable from the frame and clean the place of connection with the wire brush.

Step 6

Follow the positive battery cable to its connection with the starter. Disconnect the positive cable and clean the connection point.

Step 7

Attach the new positive battery cable to the starter first, then to the positive connection of the battery. Next, connect the negative cable to the frame, then to the negative connection of the battery.

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