How to Replace the Horn on a 2005 Ford F150

by Allen Moore

The 2005 Ford F150 has a dual-note horn setup consisting of two separate horns that sound different notes, one high and one low. The purpose of the dual-horn system is to provide the F150 with a fuller horn tone than single-note horn systems provide. If either horn has stopped functioning, you can purchase a replacement dual-horn assembly from your local Ford dealer. If you have basic auto-repair skills and an hour of free time, you can replace the horn assembly on your 2005 Ford F150 and save the labor charge.

Step 1

Slide under the front end of your 2005 Ford F150 and locate the dual-horn assembly behind the front bumper.

Step 2

Unplug the wiring connector from the horn assembly by hand. Unbolt the horn assembly bracket from the frame with your socket set. Lower the horn assembly from the F150.

Step 3

Hold the new horn assembly in position with one hand while threading the mounting bolts in with your other hand. Tighten the bolts with the socket set.

Plug the wiring connector into the new horn assembly by hand.

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