Ford 2.3 Torque Specs

by Martin Woodfield

The Ford 2.3-liter engine was developed and manufactured by the Ford Motor Co. for use in its vehicle line-up. In past years, Ford has utilized 2.3-liter engines in a variety of vehicles, including cars and trucks, but with its latest line-up, only the Ranger truck is equipped with a 2.3-liter engine. Torque specifications for the 2.3-liter engine are the same for all Ranger models.


Ford's 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engine has 143 horsepower at 5,250 rpm, displacement of 2,260 cc, bore by stoke of 3.44 inches by 3.70 inches and a compression ratio of 9.7-to-1.


The 2.3-liter engine is capable of a maximum of 154 feet-pounds of torque.

Torque RPM

To create the 154 feet-pounds of torque, the 2.3-liter engine must be working at a rate of 3,750 rpm.

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