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How to Replace the Heater Hoses in a Chevy Silverado

by Contributor

The Chevy Silverado is a vehicle known for its durability, but even the most rugged trucks need to have parts replaced every so often. The heater hoses are an example of one of these parts. Due to their rubber composite construction, they're prone to cracking, splitting and bulging. Replacing these hoses is easy enough that nearly anyone can do it.

Step 1

Position a bucket with at least a 2-gallon capacity underneath the radiator drain plug. Be sure the radiator is cool to the touch before you open the drain plug. Open the drain plug and let the coolant drain into the bucket. Pour the old coolant into a sealable container for proper disposal.

Step 2

Use a pair of hose clamp pliers to remove the clamps from the old heater hose. You can use regular pliers or a screwdriver, but hose clamps make the task much simpler.

Step 3

Make several lengthwise cuts on the hoses that connect the heater core and engine of the Chevy Silverado to each other. Then, remove the old heater hoses. Don't pull or twist the heater hose with too much force, as you can damage the heater core.

Step 4

Place a small portion of gasket sealer on the engine and heater fitting connections. Slide the new hoses onto the fitting. Make certain the clamps are on the new hoses before you put them in place. Then, use the hose clamp pliers to tighten the clamps around the hoses.

Close the radiator drain plug and refill the radiator with fresh coolant. Start the engine of the Chevy Silverado. Let it run for about 15 or 20 minutes. Check the hoses for any leaks and dispose of the old heater hoses.


  • Never open a hot or warm radiator, as the internal pressure can cause an eruption of hot coolant.
  • Handle and dispose of the coolant with care, as it's very toxic to people and pets.

Items you will need

  • Bucket
  • Sealable container
  • Hose clamp pliers
  • Heater hoses
  • Coolant

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