How to Replace a Heater Core on a 2000 F150

by Renee Booker

Removal and replacement of the heater core in a 2001 Ford F-150 is a straightforward project that can be accomplished by any do-it-yourself mechanic. This procedure requires no special tools. You should be able to complete the project in less than eight hours, depending on the specific conditions and your mechanical expertise.

Step 1

Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery by loosening the terminal nut with a wrench. Wait five minutes to allow the airbag system to fully discharge. Then, drain the engine coolant. Disconnect the lower radiator hose and allow all of the engine coolant to run out into a drain pan.

Step 2

Remove the antenna. Remove the black plastic cap that covers the antenna mounting plate and then remove the three screws connecting the antenna. Carefully pull up on the antenna to expose the antenna cable. Disconnect the cable from the antenna.

Step 3

Remove dashboard components. Remove the steering column top cover and fuse panel cover by gently prying them loose. Remove the hood latch release handle by removing the two screws holding it in place. Remove the parking-brake release lever by removing the two screws holding it in place. Remove the floor duct cover by gently prying it loose. Remove the two screws fastening the diagnostic port to the steering column cover. Remove the backing plate on the port by gently prying or pulling it off. Remove the diagnostic port. Remove the instrument panel steering column cover (it is held in place by six screws). Remove the driver- and passenger-side scuff plates and trim panels by prying them loose. Remove the assist handles and A-pillar trim panels on the driver and passenger sides by unfastening the two retaining nuts.

Step 4

Disconnect wiring. Disconnect the brake on/off switch connector, located just above the brake pedal. Disconnect all electrical connectors behind the panel. The final connector is behind the glove box, closer to the firewall. After the connectors have been disconnected, carefully remove any Christmas tree clips holding the wire harnesses to the truck body. Remove the ground wires that are secured with two screws. Locate the antenna wire that leads in from the radio area of the dash and exits the cab through a grommet. Pull the grommet out of the hole and carefully pull the antenna cable through. Carefully remove the Christmas tree clip attaching the cable to the dash just below the glove box. Remove the opening cover reinforcement from the steering column and disconnect the connectors by removing four screws holding the cover in place.

Step 5

Remove dashboard components. Remove the four screws holding the steering column in place and lower the column to the seat. Do not remove any wiring attached to the steering column. Remove the instrument-panel relay cover by prying it loose. Remove the instrument panel bolts through the steering column opening. Remove the instrument-panel reinforcement bolt. Disconnect the right-hand instrument-panel main harness connectors. Remove the instrument panel bolts through the passenger side air bag module opening. Remove the instrument-panel reinforcement bolt and the upper instrument panel floor brace bolt. Remove the entire dashboard assembly.

Step 6

Remove the heater core. Disconnect the hose couplings from the heater core. Remove the A/C plenum demister adapter. Remove the screws and move aside the relay bracket. Disconnect the vacuum line. Remove the 15 bolts from the upper plenum casing and remove the upper plenum casing. Remove the blend door assembly from the case. Finally, remove the heater core from the case.

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