How to Replace the Headliner of a Ford F-150

by Jenny Carver
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Headliner replacement can be costly and a repair shop may keep your truck for up to a week, depending on how quickly they work. You can replace the headliner yourself and save money and time. Once you have the materials ready, your truck can have a new headliner installed in less than an hour. Learn how to replace the headliner of a Ford F-150 so you can make your own repairs and get rid of the old or sagging headliner.

Step 1

Remove the old headliner from the Ford F-150 by removing the visible Phillips screws from the plastic trim pieces around the edges of the headliner. Remove the Phillips screws holding the sun visors on. There is one screw on each side of the sun visor. On older models, the headliner board can now be pulled down. On newer models, use a flat screwdriver to remove the plastic case surrounding the overhead lights. Insert the screwdriver and pop the plastic off. The lights can stay in place.

Step 2

Pull the headliner board out of the truck and lay it on the ground or in the back of the truck for a taller work area. If you are using the old headliner board and adding new headliner material, pull the old material off. Use spray adhesive to attach the new fabric to the board. Use scissors to cut out any holes for the overhead lights. Make very small holes for the screws in the sun visor area.

Step 3

Place the headliner back inside the truck with the new material facing down. Have a friend hold the headliner up while you attach the trim pieces back along the edges of the headliner. Replace the screws in the trim and on the sun visors. Replace the overhead light if needed. Push it into place and it should pop back in.

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