How to Replace the Headlamp on a 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander

by Daniel Valladares
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Replacing the headlamps on your 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander is a simple, but important, process. Driving your Outlander with faulty headlights can result in an accident or a citation from the local authorities. The Outlander uses single 9007-type bulbs for both its high beams and low beams, which can be purchased at most automotive parts suppliers.

Step 1

Turn off the Outlander's engine, and raise the hood.

Step 2

Remove the plastic cover at the rear of the headlamp assembly by rotating it counterclockwise, and pulling it off. This will allow access to the headlight bulb.

Step 3

Twist the bulb socket counterclockwise in order to remove it from the headlamp assembly. Pull the old bulb out of the socket, and use a clean cloth to install the replacement bulb. Do not touch the glass of the new bulb.

Step 4

Place the socket back into the assembly, and twist it clockwise. Reattach the plastic cover, and close the hood.

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